Have you ever wondered what would happen if your flight was delayed and you missed your connecting flight, and you don't know what the heck to do, because none of the airlines wants to assist you with accommodations, and the only flight available is 3 days later? Well first of all most airlines would help you to the best of their ability to accommodate with arranging your flights...but at times it could be a little tough negotiation with a supervisor, and you must be patient and wait to take the next available flight. It could take days. Good thing is travel insurance will save you in more ways then one. They will re-arrange a flight for you if need to leave to get your destination faster than what the airline can do, and they will usually assist with your accommodation (hotel)  to, so you won't have to hassle with dealing with Unhelpful Airline Supervisors .  Also many other things you may not know is if you ever get sick or hospitalized in your country, and your primary insurance doesn't cover, you can always depend on your trusty travel insurance provider to cover the bill.  Have you ever got to your destination and later find out your luggage is not there?  and prayed that the airline retrieves it and sends it to your home in one peace, with all your valuable stuff inside?  It happens to Thousands of travelers every year....and many times the luggage isn't recovered. What I recommend for you to do is to take a picture and keep the receipts for all your valuable goods, therefore when/if it does happen to you can claim it with the Travel Insurance company of your choice and they will make the process for you to refund you the value as smooth as possible.  Please see your travel insurance rules for the max value they will cover.

Happy Traveling!

Anthony Kadir